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Basic order of inspection for T-shirt customization manufacturers

Roughly follow the test order list as follows:

  1. The specifications are inconsistent

Causes of serial defects

  1. Specifications are overlapping-the model is inaccurate; the cutting of the knife is not accurate;

Second, poor sewing

  1. Needle distance-when sewing is not strictly adjusted according to process requirements.
  2. Jumping-due to mechanical failure, intermittent occurrence.
  3. Turn on the line-no needle is returned when the needle is raised; or the severe floating line is caused.
  4. Demonstration of the needle-due to negligence, leakage;
  5. Mao leakage-torture machine fails or omissions; the folding hair is not tight, the digging baggage is not closed, and the horn of the bag is leak.
  6. Floating lines-Sulpirus is too pine, or the pressure line is too tight. T -shirt custom
  7. Floating bottom line-the pressure line is too loose, or Thorpiros is tight.

9, stop vomiting-poor sewing technology, did not spit out the mouth according to the process requirements.

  1. Anti-wari-the face is too tight; or the face is caused by the face when sewing.
  2. Wrinkle-did not change the needle wire according to the thickness of the seam; or the suture is long.
  3. Getting up the new-because the technology is not closed;
  4. Dual-track-Anti-single-light lines, after disconnection, do not be on the original trace when the sewing line is sewn; after the sewing parts are underlave, two wires are caused when the line is supplemented.
  5. Dual-line is not parallel-due to technology that is not closed;
  6. Not straight-how much to eat the stitches causes unscrupulous stops; the technical difference is bent.
  7. Unconsciously-the sewing in the face is not rational; the sewing parts do not match; the upper and lower pieces are different.
  8. Unprocessed-bag corners, bottom of the bag, corner, and square collar are not sewn by 90 degrees.
  9. Not round-round neck, round bag horn, round sleeve head, and suit rounding, because the sewing technology can not have a small corner.
  10. Asymmetric-Due to poor technology or operational operation, the symmetrical parts must have errors such as length, height, fat, and width. Long -sleeved POLO shirt,
  11. Eatless eating-Due to the uneven eating potential, the sleeve mountain is uniform when the sleeves are eaten.
  12. Crooked position-绱 sleeves, cricket collar, positioning point less than three or inaccurate positioning.
  13. There are no clear cutting positions when cutting the tape-cut; or there is no strict alignment of strips when the discharge; the tiger is sloppy during sewing, and there is no apricular bar.
  14. Upper Kan, Xiakan-low sewing technology or sloppy operation, and no line is always on the side of the sewing.
  15. Point-hole exposure-there is no cleansing pinhole when cutting; no covering holes are covered when rework.
  16. The collar corner is bean-sewing technology is low; the sewing of the collar corner is not required; the folding process is not required;
  17. The position of the spare parts is not allowed-there is no part of the parts of the sample or process single seam nail parts when sewing.
  18. The misalignment of the card-the main 唛 or water washing is not required to sew it according to the sample or craftsmanship.

Three, stain

  1. Writing-Violation of the use of pens, ballpoint pens, slices, work numbers, and inspection numbers in violation of regulations.
  2. Oil-stain-the machine leaks oil during sewing; eats oil in the workshop.
  3. Fluttering-did not remove the marks of powder when cutting; it was caused by pink positioning when sewing.
  4. Seal-did not cut off the head marks when cutting.
  5. Dirty trace-The production environment is not clean, and the seams are stacked on the ground; the seams are contaminated when the seam is transferred;
  6. Water Camp-color cloth seams are stained with water.
  7. Rust-metal button, zipper, buckle quality is rust and stained on the seam.

Fourth, hot hot

  1. Spread-coke and discoloring-the hot-scaling temperature is too high, so that the fabric is scalded with color (especially chemical fiber fabrics) 36. Aurora ?? Do not use steam ironing, and use an electric iron without pads to cause local shinter.
  2. Death-The hot noodles are not flattened, and the indescribable discount is scalded.
  3. Dedication-work is sloppy, and the large area is not overwhelmed.
  4. Line -headed enterprises to promote the promotional cultural shirt
  5. Dead lines-After-tuning is not clean.
  6. Live header-the trimmed line head is sticking to the garment, which is not cleared.
  7. Others
  8. Polymind hair-tailoring error; sewing small parts are inconsistent with large pieces of hair.
  9. Do anti-cloth surface-sewing workers will not identify the front and back, so that the cloth surface is reversed.
  10. Tailoring-symmetrical tailoring, due to the errors of cutting discharge, cut into a direction.
  11. The defective point is extra poor-there are many fabric defects, and it is not eliminated during the discharge, causing the important parts of important parts, and the defects in the secondary parts exceed the allowable quantity.
  12. The inaccurate buckle-the wrongdoing plate has errors such as high or low or uniform buckle.
  13. Slimped eyes-the eye lock-locking operation is sloppy, and the clothes are not posted, causing the eyes to be uneven, and it is not straight.
  14. Poor color difference-Poor quality of fabrics. Put the bag when cutting, the number is error, and the wrong number is wrong when sewing.
  15. Broken-cutting line heads, accidental rework and water washing.
  16. Decoration-the quality of the adhesion is not good; the temperature is insufficient or the pressure is insufficient, and the time is not enough.
  17. Foam-the quality of the bonding lining is not good; the hot plate is uneven or there is no pad blanket.
  18. The quality of the adhesive lining is not good; the sticky glue has [sensitive words], and the hot fighting temperature is too high to make the fabric yellow.
  19. The set is not allowed-the set of work is not positive according to the process requirements.
  20. Deduction is not fastened-causing faults.
  21. The four-in-one buckle is not appropriate-the quality of the courses.
  22. Folding clothes are not qualified-not folded in accordance with the process requirements (or customer requirements). Group advertising clothing
  23. The specifications of clothing and bags do not match-the packaging workers are sloppy, and the garment is packed in plastic bags wrong.
  24. Lost the work-sewing workers are negligent, forget to install various decorative stumbling stumbling, decorate the new or leak seams, and the packaging worker forgot to hang tags and spare buckles.
  25. The box is paired with errors-packaging workers are sloppy, and they are not strictly packed in the packed order.
  26. Insufficient quantity in the box-there are too many sub-products, no qualified products make up for the shortage of the tail box.
  27. The outer boxes are wrong-the outer head is wrong with the foreign trade sector; the manufacturer discern English errors.

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