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Custom Made Your Professional Sublimated Hockey Jerseys & Uniform

As a professional manufacturer for sublimated custom hockey jerseys,Stone Sportswear sublimated jerseys are made with modern cutting, neat stitching, thicker stretch fabric and double shoulder and elbow makes them very durable to wear. Stone Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys and sublimated hockey socks are designed for team, leagues and camps.

Stone Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys are all-in price (design, production and shipping),no extra charge fee.

Send us inquiry of your sublimated hockey jerseys orders now, you will get the instant quotation within 2 hours!

Sublimated hockey jerseys

STONE Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys are made by breathable and durable 100% polyester knit material 190gsm,available for 7 options of the collar.

Hockey Neck Guard Long Sleeve Top
Sublimated neck guard and wrist guard hockey shirt

Neck part have cut-resistant fabric to protect player neck when you place hockey game. 

Custom Sublimated Usa Ice Hockey Hoodie
Sublimated hockey hoodie

custom name and number on hockey hoodie. hoodie fabric is 100 % fleece, it is warm. 

European Wholesale Custom Training Pro Hockey Socks
Sublimated hockey Socks

STONE Sportswear sublimated reversible hockey socks are created by breathable and durable 100% polyester knit material 190gsm, with adjust Velcro on top of socks.

More Styles


01 Design Team

Fast Design Process: With over 10 years experience in Sublimation Sportswear,our designer team’s professional skill offer a fast design process including printing proofs, color matching and layout.

02 Sales Team

Our experienced Sales team can know customers needs exactly and professionally, and can offer necessary assistance to customer according to their own industry experience with fast response to customer’s requirement. Because they have working on Sublimation sportswear filed with more than 10 years. 

03 Production Team

Stone sportswear production team working in Sublimation Sports for more than 10 years with the rich experience, practiced skills, and long teamwork,which makes them achieve production high quality and high-efficiency .

04 Quality Control Team

We have strict quality inspection  who ensure the quality of the final product.  We will carefully check the design, name& number and stitching of every piece of clothing before packaging, and double quantities counts before the shipment. If customer’s can’t be satisfied with quality,we can 100% refund money.

Manufacturing Details of Your Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Fabric

Stone Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys are created by breathable and durable 100% polyester knit material 190gsm. custom fabric are welcomed

Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Printing

 Stone Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys are finished by full sublimation printing, no limit for the number of designs, colors, number & names.

Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Collar

 Stone Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys have V collar, pro V collar, Y collar and lace collar etc 7 collars options.

Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Lace

We use high quality cotton lace for our sublimated Lace collar hockey jersey.

Embroidery logo or tackle twill logo can be made

Stone sportswear can provide embroidery logo , tackle twill logo , 3D embroidery or patch logo based on customer needs.

Elbows and Shoulder of Hockey Jersey

The elbows and the shoulder also have 100% polyester material which is soft and smooth to increase comfort.

Manufacturing Details of Your Sublimated Hockey Jerseys


STONE Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys are created by breathable and durable 100% polyester knit material 190gsm.


STONE Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys have V collar, pro V collar, Y collar and lace collar etc 7 collars options.

other details

We pay attention to every details.

Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Printing video

STONE Sportswear sublimated hockey jerseys are completed by full sublimation printing, no limit for the number of designs, colors, number & names.

Contact us

Contact us today to discuss more detailed information.

Sample Preparation Steps:

1. Provide your techpack, Pantone color, materials, and size requirements.
2. We start sampling once receiving  the sample payment.
3. We prototype and modify until all details are finalized.
4. Once samples are approved, we will arrange bulk production.

Production Steps:

1. 50% deposit  is required to start production.

2. We will start to make mock up, confirm mini sample , printing, sublimated, sewing, trimming, ironing, and packaging of garments.

3. You conduct a thorough inspection before loading for shipping.

4. We show customer finished products picture and package picture, customer pay the rest 50% balance payment. 

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How to make Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

You can make sublimated hockey jerseys by going through the following step by step process.

Step One: Coming Up with the Design

 Designing hockey jersey

First, you need to come up with a proper design that you will print on the hockey jersey.

At the same time, you should also prepare and confirm that the printing machine is in proper working conditions.

Additionally, you should place the substrate material and the transfer paper in place.

With the transfer paper directly over the substrate (polyester material), you will lower it down till they are in contact.

After that, you will press the transfer paper onto the substrate using a heat press.

The ink will automatically change from solid to gas and stick to the polyester material.

You should maintain particular rates of heat and pressure on the substrate for a particular period usually 30 seconds.

Step Two: Cutting and Sewing the Material

After a successful print, you will cut the material according to the specifications and sizes you need.

You will sew the pieces that you have cut together through proper stitching to make a complete hockey jersey.

Step Three: Inspection Stage

This is the final stage where you will inspect the quality of the jersey as well as the stitching quality.

After proper confirmations, you can now count the jerseys, pack them and then transport to various destinations.

Benefits of Sublimation Printing Technique for Hockey Team Uniform

When using the sublimation printing technique, you will experience the following advantages:

· No Color Limits on Printing

You can easily print full colors onto the hockey jersey fabric using sublimation printing technique.

·  Low Learning Curve

In comparison to screen printing technique, sublimation printing has relatively low learning curves.

You will spend very little time in learning how to print using the sublimation printing technique.

· Cost Effective Printing Technique

Sublimation printing techniques is a very cheap option of printing that allows you to print any number of jerseys.

You will spend relatively the same amount of money in printing 1 jersey like that of printing 100 or more jerseys.

· Complete Customization

You have the freedom of coming up with your personal design that you will print using a sublimation printing technique.

· Quick and Easy to produce

You will spend very little time and man power in the process of printing sublimated hockey jersey.

All you need is a few individuals to help with the design and printing which will take a very short period.

Why Trust STONE Sportswear Custom Sublimated Hockey Uniform

You should trust STONE Sportswear for custom sublimated hockey uniforms because of the following:

· Experienced Designer Team

It has a design team with over 9 years of experience that will assist you in coming up with proper designs.

It is capable of going through a fast design process to produce printing proofs and layouts with matching colors.

· Reliable Sales Team

It has a sales team that has been on the field for more than 8 years with the ability to understand the needs of the customer.

The team provides you with the necessary assistance that you need according to the industry regulations.

You will also receive very fast responses from the sales team.

· Production Team

You will also have the services of an experienced production team that has been in the industry for more than 10 years.

You will receive high production efficiency and quality due to the rich experience, long teamwork, and practiced skills from the team.

· Quality Control Team

You will also have the services of a strict inspection team which will ensure high quality of sublimated hockey jerseys.

The team will check the name and number, design, and the stitching of every jersey before packaging.

Apart from that, it will also ensure that you get the right quantity by double counting the sublimated hockey jerseys.

Sublimated Hockey Uniform Designs

You can come up with your own design that you can use to make a sublimated hockey uniform design.

You can also borrow from the numerous team’s designs available in the market.

Features of Sublimated Reversible Hockey Jerseys

Sublimated reversible hockey jerseys include two different types of jerseys sewn together in one piece.

All the sublimated reversible hockey jerseys have specific features which include:

· Name and Number

The name and the number of the sublimated reversible hockey jerseys always match the jersey font and colors.

· Logos and Designs

You can include any type of design that you need on the sublimated reversible hockey jerseys.

The logo can be of any color as long as it matches the design and color of the team.

·  Size of Jersey

Sublimated reversible hockey jerseys are available in different sizes according to the size that you require.

It is also available in sizes and designs that can fit women and kids of different ages.

· Material

You should consider purchasing a sublimated reversible sublimated jersey with durable 100% polyester knit material 190gsm.

The material is light enough and breathable thus allowing you to play with increased comfort.

· Collar Design

Sublimated reversible hockey jerseys have 7 distinct types of collars depending on your particular requirements.

How to Choose Sublimated Hockey Socks

You should look at specific details when you are choosing sublimated hockey socks including:

Sublimated hockey socks

· Length of the Socks

The length of the sublimated hockey socks should be long enough to cover the knees of the player.

They should be able to cover all the pads worn to protect the legs and the knees of the players.

· Material of the Socks

You should purchase sublimated reversible hockey socks that have breathable and durable materials.

The main material you should consider for the sublimated hockey socks should be 100% polyester knit material 190gsm.

· Elasticity of the Socks

The socks you will choose should also be elastic to expand and contract well without causing any discomfort.

You should go for the type of socks with adjustable Velcro on top of the socks.

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