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What are the types of functional fabrics for sportswear?

Sports clothing functional fabric is a fabric woven from new types of yarns with special functions, which has some outstanding functions that are not possessed by conventional fabrics. Commonly used functional yarns have functions such as moisture absorption and sweat wicking, infrared insulation, natural environmental protection, sterilization and deodorization, and fast drying without ironing.

One type of clothing is made of outdoor leisure functional fabric, which is defined as outdoor activities outside the home. This type of fabric is mainly casual and fashionable, with exquisite craftsmanship, soft touch, comfortable wearing, suitable for tourism, outdoor activities, and so on.

What are the common sports functional fabrics?

1.Waterproof and breathable fabric

Wearing clothes made of this fabric for outdoor activities, even if it rains heavily, there is no need to worry about getting wet; Polyurethane (PU) coating, rainproof, breathable; The ePTFE coating has excellent water resistance and breathability, with stable performance within the temperature range of -250 ° C to+260 ° C; Three layer structure – outer layer, lightweight, wear-resistant, and soft nylon. Middle layer, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene material. Very light and thin coating, ePTFE coating, inner layer, lining, to protect the coating and prevent adhesion with clothing.

2.Quick drying fabric

Wearing clothing made of this fabric is very comfortable, and we completely cannot feel the discomfort caused by sweat during exercise; This type of fabric can allow sweat from the body to flow faster to the surface of clothing; It uses a special weaving method to export excess sweat from the skin surface to the outer layer of the fabric.

3.UV protection fabric

Wearing clothing made of this fabric completely eliminates the need to worry about skin being sunburned; This fabric has a UV resistant function (UPF 30+), which can better protect the skin from UV damage; Woven or woven sunscreen materials rely on the transfer, absorption, and reflection of UV rays by the fabric.

4.Windproof fleece fabric

Being able to meet the requirements of outdoor athletes for wind protection and warmth in cold weather; Has excellent wind resistance and warmth retention performance; It is a unique windproof fleece fabric of TNF.

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